Fenrir's Tale

Norse Myths
The tale of Fenrir

Tale of Fenrir
The story

The origin of our company name starts with the myth of Fenrir which is an important aspects of Norse mythology.

Since Norse mythology can be considered the foundation of modern fantasy due to Tolkien's ground work, we concluded that it would be a good choice to base the name of a game studio in Norse lore.

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In Progress

We are currently focusing our work on an unannounced RPG/Arcade style game that takes place in the far future. The player will be able to put their own mark on an epic conflict through important strategic decisions, making hard choices and leading their group to victory.

The game contains a compelling story accompanied by randomly generated interactive scenes, together with the strategic and diplomatic aspect, making each play through truly unique.

Creative Design

We pride ourselves on delivering inspirational artwork that shows innovative and imaginative thinking, our team can create anything from fast idea sketches through to visual target images and detailed design illustrations.

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